Primary School Age: Tin Whistle Solo

D1 Tin Whistle Solo Beginners

  1. Anna Worland
  2. Rebekah Devlin
  3. Martha Cupples

D2 Tin Whistle Solo Intermediate

  1. Nina Reid
  2. Marissa Esterban
  3. Cormac Neeson

Primary School Age: Instrumental Solo (not including Tin Whistle)

D3 Instrumental Solo Beginners (not including Tin Whistle)

  1. Alisha Turner
  2. Caitlin Turner
  3. Ben Hanson

D4 Instrumental Solo Intermediate (not including Tin Whistle)

  1. Caitlin Mitchell
  2. Pearse Farren
  3. Iona McKibbin

Primary School Age: Instrumental Duet (including Tin Whistle)

D5 Instrumental Duet Beginners (including Tin Whistle)

  1. Caitlin Mitchell & Pearse Farren
  2. Bethany Shilliday & Anna Reynolds
  3. Anna Worland & Alisha Turner

Primary School Age: Instrumental Group (three players or more)

D7 Traditional Group Beginners

  1. St. Comgall’s P.S. Traditional Group + the Fox-Roberts Cup
  2. St. Patrick’s P.S. Traditional Group
  3. St. Finian’s

Traditional Music Classes with no age limit

D9 Instrumental Solo Beginners  – No age limit

  1. Ciaran Shannon
  2. Chris Hannan
  3. Cormac Evans

D10 Instrumental Solo Intermediate  – No age limit

  1. Shea Shannon

D11 Instrumental Solo Advanced  – No age limit

  1. Colleen McCleery
  2. Lachlan McKibbin
  3. Patrick McGranles

Instrumental Group Classes (two players or more) with no age limit

D12 Traditional Group Beginners – No age limit

  1. St. Comgall’s P.S. Traditional Group + the Traditional Music Cup
  2. St. Columbanus’ College
  3. St. Patrick’s P.S. Traditional Group

D13 Instrumental Group Intermediate – No age limit

  1. Rathmore Grammar School
  2. Ards CCE Junior
  3. Sullivan Upper Traditional Group Junior

D14 Instrumental Group Advanced – No age limit

  1. Ards CCE Advanced
  2. St. Mary’s CBGS
  3. St. Patrick’s College    = 3.  Sullivan Upper Traditional Group Senior