B25a Song from a Musical Show 9 years and under                  Medal

1. Tamzin McMullan  2. Nichole Eccles  3. Rachel Carson

B26   Song from a Musical Show 12 years and under                Medal

1. Reuben Curran  2. Emily Carson & Rosie Park  3 Anna McCabe & Anna Thomson

B28   Song from a Musical Show 16 years and under                Medal

1. Naomi Smyth  2. Lucy Donnelly  3. Sarah Elksq & Christopher Noade

C50   Orchestra 11 years and under                                            Norman Allin Cup

1. St Patrick’s PS Orchestra

C54   Innovative Primary                                                             Wade Cup

1. Holywood PS (2). 2. Holywood PS(1)

E3     Primary 4 to Primary 7 Choirs                                            Priory Cup

1. Strathearn Prep School. 2. Glencraig Integrated PS

3. Holywood PS & Victoria College Senior Preparatory Choir

E4     Secondary School Choirs 14 years and under                    Addy Cup

1. Our Lady & St Patrick’s College Junior Choir

E5     Secondary School Choirs 18 years and under                    Robinson Cup

1. St Dominic’s Grammar School Senior Choir

2. Bangor Academy & Sixth Form Consort

B11   Boys and Girls 13-14 years Sacred Song                           Barbara Foster Junior Cup

1. Beatrice Campbell  2. Katie McVeigh. 3. Orla Cumming

B12   Boys and Girls 15-16 years Sacred Song                           Barbara Foster Cup

1. Olivia Moffitt. 2. Lola Bingham. 3. Emily Campbell

C57   Guitar Solo Open                                                                Certificate

1. Anselm McDonnell

C32   Any Brass Instrument Grades 5-6                                      Medal

1. James Wright

E8     Adult Male Voice Choirs Open                                            Ervine Cup

1. The Lagan Seahorse

C11   Flute/Piccolo Solo Grades 8+                                             Donald Sloan Plaque

1. Andrew Douglas

C17   Bassoon/Oboe Grades 5-6                                                 Medal

1. Glenn Christie