B25b Song from a Musical Show 9 years and under                  Medal

1. Cheryl Watson  2. Rory Miller. 3. Rebekah Devlin & Kathryn Finley

B27   Song from a Musical Show 14 years and under                Medal

1. Grace Deeny  2. Lucy Bell & Nichole Lowans

3. Desmond Havlin & Charlotte Skipp

B29   Song from a Musical Show 18 years and under                Clarke Cup

1. Niamh McAllistar  2. Caitlin McManus

3. Jenny Halliday & Christopher Rice

B30   Song from a Musical Show Open                                       Award – £30

1. Jenny Halliday  2. Lola Bingham

C1     Descant Recorder 11 years and under                               Medal

1. Evie Banyard  2. Anna Black  3. Rose McCreavy

C2     Descant or Treble Recorder 12 years and under               Medal

1. Poppy Mullan  2. Amelia McAleer  3. Zara Carroll

C3     Descant or Treble Recorder Open                                      Certificate

1. Darcy Yeatman

C4     Recorder Ensemble 11 years and under                            Certificate

1. Ballyholme PS Senior Recorder Group

C5     Recorder Ensemble Open                                                   Certificate

1. Ballyholme PS Recorder Ensemble

C14   Bassoon/Oboe Pre Grade 1                                                Medal

1. Evie Banyard

C22   Clarinet/Saxophone Grades 3-4                                         Medal

1. Henry Hempsted

C31   Any Brass Instrument Grades 3-4                                      Medal

1. Connor White

C35   Brass Ensemble 11 years and under                                  Certificate

1. Ballyholme PS Brass Ensemble

C43   Solo String Instrument Grades 3-4                                     Silverbridge School of Music Cup

         1. Amelia McAleer. 2. Louisa van Walstijn  3. Orla Mulvey

C45   Solo String Instrument Grades 7-8                                     Nancy McKinley Cup

1. Anna Maria O’Donnell. 2. Justine Gormley. 3. Hannah Patterson

C46   Solo String Instrument Grades 8+                                      Holywood Sinfonietta Cup

1. Eileen Muckian

C49   String Ensemble Open                                                        Certificate