My name is David Gibson and I am a Pianist from Bangor. In September I head to Manchester to begin studying piano performance at the Royal Northern College of Music. The past year I have really been focusing on developing technique and repertoire and I was delighted to have been accepted into college and also gain a distinction in an ATCL Diploma. 

I have been participating in festivals for the past few years and have always had a positive experience. Performing in festivals like the Holywood Music Festival has been good preparation for auditions and performances that I do now. I have never seen them as a competition, but rather a chance to get some top quality feedback, to showcase and develop my own ability and to meet other musicians who share the same interests. It is also a way to get some good contacts in music which may lead to further opportunities, even if you don’t necessarily win anything. I would encourage anyone with a passion for music, whatever their instrument or voice, to enter music festivals to gain some valuable experience.