After completing grades 1 – 8, ATCL & LTCL diplomas I am currently working towards the FTCL in music performance. At the moment I am an A level student at Cambridge House Grammar School in Ballymena, and afterwards hope to study music at University. I am currently a member of NEELB Senior Orchestra, Ulster Youth Orchestra and play with Ballymena Chamber Orchestra.

I have competed in various music festivals and competitions since I was 10 years old. I have found that there are many benefits and opportunities to be gained by taking part, such as;

1.       Performing in front of a live audience which helps me gain confidence.

2.       Appreciating and getting to know other performers.

3.       Valuable comments and feedback from adjudicators.

4.       Trophies and prizes which are great incentives to do well.

5.       Pleasure in a good performance.